Ficha Fílmica: Transformers (2007)
Dirigida por: Michael Bay
Escrita por: John Rogers, Roberto Orci y Alex Kurtzman
Charlie Bodin .... USAF Staff Sergent
Josh Duhamel .... Commander Lennox
Michael Clarke Duncan .... Officer Figueroa
Kevin Dunn .... Sparkplug Witwicky
Joshua Feinman .... Seargent
Colin Fickes .... Pentagon analyst #1
Megan Fox .... Mikaela

Teaser Trailer:

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Anónimo dijo... 02:57

Woah.....That part where the Decepticon swung at the camera made me jump when I had the volume up high. I have high expectations for this film, I can tell its gonna be real dark and edgy, it seems to have a dark edge to it. I cant wait to see what the Transformers will look like, they will undoubtedly blow everyones minds with high level CG unlike anything we've ever seen before. Im sure with Michael Bay and Steven Speilberg, we will have an amazing film to look forward to. As for the trailer, I would've liked to have seen at least one complete Transformer, that wouldve rocked my world. But what a Decepticon was doing on Mars? Who knows?